February 13, 2013

A medley of stuff:

1.  I’m in Salt Lake City this week for five days of depositions in the wrongful death/product liability case, which I can’t and wouldn’t say much about.  Over 70 non-expert depositions taken, and 80,000-100,000 pages of documents produced.  Legally speaking, a very interesting case.  Good attorneys on all sides, and a fierce battle.

If I get a few spare minutes, which is currently unlikely, I want to see the Mormon Temple and the family ancestry library, both of which are just down the street from where I am staying at the Little America.  Nice hotel along with the Grand America.  The hotel cafe sure serves large food portions, which is a complement, but the portions are larger than I need.

2.  The following is a link to a blog post by Norman Marks, about CEO/CFO and CAE/CRO conflict – it is a good post and worthwhile for thought purposes – please read Norman’s post – I just don’t have the time currently to comment about the topic, http://normanmarks.wordpress.com/2013/02/12/what-should-the-board-do-when-there-is-conflict-between-the-ceocfo-and-caecro/

3.  While reading The Salt Lake Tribune this morning I saw an article about bullying, and the work of a local group to address and raise awareness about the issue, and to provide thoughtful advice for actions and remedies.  Obviously this is a worthwhile topic for discussion, and it will be discussed for the next 100+ years.  I would say that bullying is not restricted by age as victims can be young, middle age, and old alike.  Presumably the significant majority of people do not endorse bullying.  And clear examples of bullying usually are obvious.  From a legal viewpoint, the difficulty arises in the gray areas of conduct – when does conduct become unlawful bullying as opposed to fairly typical human conduct that although not encouraged or even liked isn’t conduct that warrants laws or legal intervention?  And how does bullying differ from already existing assault and battery or other laws?  Here is a link to the group’s website page for students which contains the group’s definition of bullying, http://www.flipthescriptnow.org/students.  And here is a link to the group’s main website page, http://www.flipthescriptnow.org/slc.  a good topic for discussion.

4.  If you are so inclined, please see also my below blog post with a video discussion about board and director responsibilities.  The video is a good improvement over prior video efforts; however, I will be working on improving presentation in upcoming videos.

Thank you.  Off to work now,

Dave Tate

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