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California’s Bullet Train – Should This Project Continue, and Why Does It?

July 29, 2012

I would like for there to be a fast, economical means of transportation to travel the length of California.  But where is the overall game plan for the California bullet train?  There are so many unanswered questions.  Where is the leadership on this project?  Why start building the initial section of track on some plot of land in the California central valley, instead of at a major northern or southern California station that will become a hub for the overall project?  Is all of the land that is necessary and identified to lay the track owned and controlled by the State?  Where is the major money going to come from to build this project.  The initial seed money is miniscule compared to the total project cost.  And yet, this project just seems to continue on and on.  Based on current facts and evidence, it is reasonably likely that the project will never be completed.  Based on current facts and evidence, it is absolutely certain that the cost of the project will greatly exceed cost estimates.  But what is the likelihood that someone will take responsibility and/or will be held responsible and pay in some manner if the project fails or for significant cost overruns?  NONE, other than the California and US taxpayers who are both putting money into this project.  For my preference, I say, let’s have a full and complete report on this project now, and on an ongoing basis, also highlighting project estimates and uncertainties, and the likelihood of possible outcomes (leadership/governance, planning, and risk management, perhaps internal audit and controller, anyone?).  Here is an interesting blog post on the bullet train project – I can’t verify the information and numbers, but it is an interesting read and may stimulate the thinking muscles – Click Here.

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